White, Valerie: Case for Treachery

White, Valerie: Case for Treachery


White, Valerie: Case for Treachery

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Arthur Barker 1st 1955
8vo, v v min wr + dulling to bds, wr, rbs + sl crsing to d/w o/w VG+/VG+ 270 gms
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A story as contemporaneous as to-day's Stop Press.

Max Andrea is one of the great atomic physicists. His faith is simple and perhaps even right. But, not right at all, judged by to-day's Stop Press demands.

Max Andrea's brain is a weapon: a weapon for power, for good or evil, stretching beyond the horizons of wild men's wildest dreams: an abstruse weapon, only to be grasped through torture, and drugs, and brain-washing. Or, so it appeared to some.

From Top Secret government work to Dartmoor gaol, and thence to a quiet cottage in Devonshire. A mind accustomed to working as a high precision instrument far out in the dim reaches of human understanding, despite itself, is touched by love. But, not for long. Its peculiar fate lies far away.

The story takes us half across the world. It mirrors the impact of to-day's science and to-day's ethics on that thread of life and human behaviour which must, for ever, go on unchanged.

In Case, Miss White proved that she could tell a story with less sentiment and less waste of words than most. In Case for Treachery she has bettered her previous performance.


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