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Craft Books at Cover to Cover

At Cover to Cover, we pride ourselves on the vast collection of craft books that we’ve accumulated over the years. As specialists in book dealing, we take great care to source our books from reputable sources to ensure that they are not only genuine but in fantastic condition, worthy of being a part of your own collection. We have a great selection of craft books that can be viewed both in store and on our website.

From old Model Shipbuilding handbooks from 1983 to The Book of Soft Furnishing – a handbook for salesmen from 1937, we have a huge selection of classic antique craft books and modern offerings to choose from. We clearly state the condition of each book so that you know what you’re buying and we welcome you to come and visit our store should you wish to take a look at our collection in person.

We also offer a book search service. If you can describe the book you need and give us information about it, we’re more than happy to help you search for it and add it to our collection. The more information you have on the book, such as the date or the genre, the more likely we’ll be able to find it.

What Makes Cover to Cover Different?

Cover to Cover has been in the business of dealing antique and collectors books for many years and we take pride in the high quality of service we offer and also the dedication we have to our collection of books. From craft books to printed ephemera, we take great care of all of our products to ensure that they end up in your hands in pristine condition. We go to great lengths to search for the books that we’ve collected and we make sure to package them safely so that when you order from us, you can have peace of mind knowing that we’ve taken extra steps to protect your order.

We’ve built a solid reputation over the years as one of the most reliable book dealers in the United Kingdom. We’ve put together a huge collection of antique books that we’ve catalogued for your convenience and we never shy away from an offer to help a potential client search for a book that is missing from their collection. So if you’re looking for a particular craft book that and can’t find it at modern bookstores or even on the internet in a digital format, there’s a good chance that we may have it in stock at Cover to Cover.

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Whether you’re searching for a specific craft book or would like to learn more about the collection we’ve built up, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Send us an email at or phone us on 01704 231 443 to get in touch. We also have an online contact form if you would prefer us to contact you at a later date.

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