Craft Books Online

For generations the people of Britain would pass down from mother to daughter, from father to son and from family to family skills and techniques mastered from childhood that resulted in the production of intricate and what have become, in some cases, almost extinct bespoke crafts. These skills in the production of such carefully crafted pieces had provided communities with their very livelihood and in many ways became the building blocks of local commerce and culture. Craft could truly spin its own story as it has weaved its way through time, moving in an out from one generation to the next. Today, whilst many ancient crafts have long been on the decline, the inherent need for humans to employee their creative minds remains. Many believe in the importance of carrying on these craft based traditions to ensure they are not lost and in some places across the country there has been a revival in the learning of these skills with pop up craft centres, workshops and classes.

Are you interested in the history of craft? Are you keen to learn a particular craft? Are you studying arts and crafts at school or in university? Are you a teacher of the arts and crafts? Are you holding or attending a craft based workshop? Whatever the case you will be interested to learn that Cover To Cover books based in Stockport, specialise in the acquisition and subsequent sale of specialists books focused around the arts and crafts. We have a very large range of craft books online and within our store itself. If you would like to have a glimpse of our craft books online we recommend you visit our website where all of our specialist books are listed and categorised conveniently from A to Z. Additionally we welcome you to give us a call or if convenient to do so to pop into our bookstore where we will be happy to talk you through the craft books we stock both online and install in order to help you find the best source material for your needs.

Cover to Cover are proud to be specialist suppliers of antique and specialist books focusing on the fields of design, fashion, textiles, art and craft. Craft books online and in store are available for a huge range of crafts. If you are looking to research or learn about a particular craft and you are not sure whether material can be easily found on such please do let us know and we will be able to advise and if necessary use our large network of suppliers within the world of antique specialist books to locate and obtain a book on the craft in question.

Whilst today many crafts have become a mere pastime, for centuries these same crafts were the dependable livelihood of whole communities in Great Britain. Thankfully the range of specialist books supplied at Cover to Cover bookstore will go a little way in helping to ensure this legacy will not be forgotten!