Specialist Books Online

Cover to Cover are specialist book dealers with a particular leaning towards crafts, textiles, art, design and fashion. Based in Southport, visitors to our store will testify to that familiar and rather enchanting sensation one experiences upon entering an antique bookstore. The smell of the books in itself can bring back a plethora of memories. The shelves packed full, hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Secrets of unknown worlds waiting to be unlocked and stories of forgotten times eager to be told. Many a happy hour can be lost in such joyful activity as whole new worlds are opened up to the inquisitive browser.

From antiques and collectables to travel and topography, from architecture and interiors to women’s studies, Cover to Cover stock a truly comprehensive and fascinating range of specialist books. Are you looking to research a specific topic for the purpose of a university paper, school project, article, publication or social media post? Are you looking for a particular book perhaps fondly remembered from childhood? Are you an antique book collector searching for an item to complete your series or enhance your collection? Cover to Cover is committed and avid dealers of specialist books. Online searches are a convenient way to establish whether we can potentially help you in your search for a particular specialist book. Our website lists the full range of books we are currently stocking and it is possible to make a request for any such of these specialist books online.

If, however you are a local resident or visitor in the Southport area then you may well enjoy a visit to our bookstore in person. There is a certain pleasure to be had from the unhurried perusal in such an antique store as Cover to Cover. Ofcourse in the world of modern technology, often the go-to for information has become the worldwide web. Indeed, there seems at times nothing that one cannot find out with a simple click of a button. However, the reality is that there is an untold treasure trove of information contained within many an antique specialist book in the worlds of art, craft, textiles fashion and design. However, Cover to Cover have endeavoured to merge these two worlds by making available for order any of our specialist books now online.

To see what specialist books are available online at Cover to Cover we invite you to visit our website where our antique specialist books are categorised alphabetically. This well help you to conveniently locate a particular author or edition. If you are looking to research a certain topic but are not sure of a particular book or author that you need then we will be happy to provide you with suggestions and advice. The ability to search for our specialist books online can save time and enables Cover to Cover antique specialist book suppliers to reach a wider audience across the country. We welcome your call or a visit in person to our specialist bookstore based in Stockport.