Perottet, Philippe: Practical Stage Make-up

Perottet, Philippe: Practical Stage Make-up


Perottet, Philippe: Practical Stage Make-up

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Studio Vista/Reinhold rep 1968
4to, v min bmps to bds, tape stns to eps + pds, wr + min
crsing to edges of d/w o/w VG+/VG+ 620 gms
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Make-up is an important part of any stage production, whether amateur or professional, and there is a great need for a book that deals comprehensively with the subject in an up-to-date and professional manner. This is such a book. It sets out to describe the purpose of make-up, the basic equipment and materials needed, and exactly how to set about achieving a successful result.

The early chapters explain in detail how to apply a basic make-up, using various techniques. Eyes, eyebrows, noses, mouths, chins, shading andhighlighting are dealt with separately, culminating in a s lder or younger, and racial, stylised and fantastic make-up. He also discusses the use of putty, wigs and false hair, and how to apply a complete body make-up. He writes in terms that will be understood by the amateur, without being too simplified for the professional who wants to extend his range.

The practical text is illustrated with a number of line drawings by Motley, and by a series of close-up photographs showing the make-up of leading actors and actresses in a variety of roles.

The author, Philippe Perrottet, has had a great deal of experience in the theatre. He began as a dancer, and was opera-ballet master at Sadler's Wells from '97 to 1965, during which time he supervised the company's make-up and designed it for a number of productions. He is now teaching stage technique, including makeup, at the London Opera Centre.


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