Musgrave, Belinda: Blouses, Shirts and Tops

Musgrave, Belinda: Blouses, Shirts and Tops


Musgrave, Belinda: Blouses, Shirts and Tops

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B T Batsford 1st 1985
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The blouse has been an important element of a woman's wardrobe for well over a century and has undergone many exciting changes over that period.
Here, a young fashion designer shows how easy it is to translate the latest designer look into an easy-to-make, well-fitting, professional garment for a fraction of thecost.
Beginning with the foundation `block' pattern and showing how to alter this to fit perfectly, the author demystifies the intricacies of styling and making the pattern pieces, using several basic blouses as examples. Once the finished design has been decided upon it can be transferred to the chosen material, and there is advice on cutting out, including the handling of difficult fabrics. The next chapter shows how to put the garment together, whether using a machine or hand-sewing, and suggests methods of decoration, such as applique, embroidery and lacework. The superb drawings will inspire the would-be dressmaker and the easy-to-follow, detailed instructions will embolden even the most timid novice.

Belinda Musgrave has been a professional pattern cutter and designer for many years, specialising in adapting haute couture designs for the high-street market. She is, therefore, able to teach the beginner many effective short cuts as well as offering the more expereinced dressmaker exciting design ideas.


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