Davies, Lucy & Fini, Mo: Arts and Crafts of South America

Davies, Lucy & Fini, Mo: Arts and Crafts of South America


Davies, Lucy & Fini, Mo: Arts and Crafts of South America

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Tumi 1st 1994
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A wooden head carved in the north of Brazil to ward off evil spirits; belts woven with symbolic designs from Lake Titicaca in Peru; the beautiful baskets of the Cholo Indians of the Pacific coast of Colombia – whether from coastal areas, forests or mountains, from Pre-Columbian or Spanish Colonial traditions, from urban workshops or remote villages, the living arts and crafts of South America show an astonishing vitality and diversity.

Lucy Davies and Mo Fini have distilled the essence of their extensive research into the creative traditions of this vast area, and also include invaluable advice and reference for collectors. With the aid of special – and often spectacular — photography, they examine all the main media: pottery, wonderfully simple and utilitarian, or formed in complex and ritualistic shapes; jewelry and metalwork in a multiplicity of forms; the arts of weaving plant fibre — sombreros and panamas, bags and baskets; the ancient textile tradition of the Wayuu, a culture in which 'Ser mujer es saber tejer' — `To be a woman is to know how to weave'; painting on clay, leather and glass; wood carving and decoration of dried gourds; and extraordinary crafts such as figuras de masapan, colourful and imaginative bread dough figures from Calderon, Ecuador. Perhaps never before has the legacy of thousands of years of inherited skill and tradition been so richly presented.


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