Baxter, Stanley & Hoare, Ken: Stanley Baxter 'On Screen'

Baxter, Stanley & Hoare, Ken: Stanley Baxter 'On Screen'


Baxter, Stanley & Hoare, Ken: Stanley Baxter 'On Screen'

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Michael Joseph 1st 1980
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A 1926 Bull-Nose Morris, upholstered in leopardskin, stands in the driveway of a huge decaying mansion… rats scamper across an empty swimming pool. A monocled Prussian butler attends his master, a once-great television star called Stanley Baxter.

From an opening of almost unbearable poignancy, we recapture the excitement of Baxter's triumphant comeback. At last we can savour, in words and pictures, some ot.hls memorable TV appearances. Not since the Yellow Pages has there been such an unprecedented list of names.

While Baxter's career has been documented in newspapers and magazines, Stanley Baxter on Screen probes deeper. For the first time we strip the gauze from the camera lens to reveal Baxter the Man. Until now this phenomenal entertainer has remained a mysterious, elusive individual who shuns the glare of public life and jealously guards the dark secret of his calorie count. Sometimes his fans catch a glimpse of a solitary figure in a floppy hat and dark glasses. They clamour for autographs and are sadly disillusioned to find that it is not Baxter at all, but a kindred spirit called Garbo.

Ken Hoare, who has written many Baxter programmes, has researched his subject well. He has spoken to authoritative sources, tracking them down in film archives, bus queues and launderettes, and persuading them to talk to him about their favourite funny man. Nevertheless, books about Dick Emery and Benny Hill will have to wait.

Stanley Baxter thought it was vital to emphasize that the subject matter of this book, and the explicit photographs it contains, may be offensive to certain readers. "And if 'that doesn't push up the sales, nothing will!" he added. Stanley Baxter on Screen is a book to make voyeurs of us all.


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