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Hosker, Ian: Complete Woodfinishing (11150)

Guild of Master Craftsman rep 1998
4to pb 168pp F 525 gms
(Order reference 11150).

The art of woodfinishing can improve an uninspired piece of woodwork, but poor staining and polishing can equally ruin good craftsmanship. Because of this, woodfinishing has gained an air of mystery, and is often thought of as difficult to master, especially by students and amateur woodworkers.

Woodfinishing is the complete guide to every kind of finish, traditional and modern: beginning with why we finish wood and the importance of good preparation, the book examines methods of darkening, lightening, colouring and enhancing wood. How to preserve and treat timber, and when and how to strip and restore finishes, both interior and exterior, are all explained clearly and fully.

The straightforward, common-sense text is based upon years of professional and teaching experience, and is backed up by 136 colour and black-and-white photographs and nearly 50 line drawings. There are step-by-step instructions for woodfinishing techniques in words and pictures, and checklists for identifying and improving finishes are included.
As Ian Hosker says: `I hope that this book goes some way towards dispelling the mystique that surrounds woodfinishing, and helps you develop your skills.'

C 0 N T E N T S
The Right Finish for the Job :     Power Sanding :     Health and Safety
Surface Preparation :     Staining and Bleaching :     Wax and Oil Polishing
French Polishing :     Varnishes :     Modern Synthetic Lacquers
Colouring :     Finishing Turned Work :     Protecting Timber
A Guide to Refinishing :     Painted Finishes :     Limed Oak
Recipes for Finishes