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Rollinson, William: The Cumbrian Dictionary of Dialect, Tradition and Folklore (13700A)

Smith Settle 1st 1997
8vo pb 197pp, v v min bmps to cvrs o/w F 325 gms
(Order reference 13700A).

'William Rollinson does for Lakeland words and traditions what Wainwright did for its walks and climbs.'
Melvyn Bragg

The Cumbrian Dictionary is the first comprehensive guide to the county's dialect, tradition and folklore. It comprises: dialect words and expressions; traditions and customs; and names from history and legend. The entries themselves cover topics such as working life, food and domestic items, sport and recreation, children's games, local rhymes and sayings, calendar customs and topographical features.

They include derivations, explanations and cross-references; and quoted examples give the reader the precise meaning and flavour of the word or phrase, often with traditional humour for good measure. Specially-commissioned drawings complement the text perfectly.

Although it serves as a well-researched reference work, with its lively yet authoritative text, the Dictionary is also a delight to browse through. All in all, with over 2,000 entries and 140 illustrations, the Cumbrian Dictionary is the essential book on Cumbrian phrase and fable.
'Succinct, authentic, well-illustrated ... good for a browse and assured of a place on that part of the bookshelf reserved for standard works of reference about our Cumbrian way of life.'
W R Mitchell MBE, former editor of Cumbria

'Firmly rooted in encyclopaedic knowledge but skilfully tailored to meet the needs and interests of the general reader. A five-star companion for aficionados of all things truly Cumbrian.'
George Bott, Keswick Reminder

'Whea else but Bill Rollinson cud hey put tagither seck a grand new beeuk? T' amoont o' stuff in seck a handy-sized beeuk is a real capper!'
Ted Reiph, hon editor, Lakeland Dialect Society Journal