Liverpool & The North

Whittington-Egan, Richard: Liverpool Ghosts and Ghouls (11810)

Gallery Press rep 1999
8vo paperback 64pp F 120 gms
(Order reference 11810).

Dossier 3 in the Liverpool Dossier series.

1 Wonders and Horrors in Lime Street
2 The Devil in Bootle
3 Ghosts Over Merseyside
4 Haunted Liverpool
5 Spectres in Suburbia
6 Weird Happenings in Wirral
7 Department Store Death Mask
8 A Strange Episode in the History of a Church
9 Wigan's Kidnapped Corpse
10 Deeming—The Rainhill Demon
11 The Curious Case of Dr. Clements
12 Poltergeist Over Runcorn
13 Wonders From a Dead Man's Hand
14 The Mystery House of Mulgrave Street
15 Of Autumn, Poltergeists and Parsonages