Liverpool & The North

Hargreaves, Ian: The Liverpool Connection (8427A)

Countyvise 1st 1992
8vo paperback 145pp F. Biographies of 12 Liverpool-born
celebrities 285 gms
(Order reference 8427A).

Ian Hargreaves, regular writer and columnist with the Liverpool Echo and Daily Post, has met many interesting people during his many years with those papers. An 'adopted Liverpudlian' himself, he has chosen twelve men and women who are either Liverpool born and bred, or who have had a great impact after coming to this city.
This is not just reporter's heresay, Ian has meticulously researched his subjects and in each case has personally interviewed them.

Those who feature in this book have very different personalities; age, sex, upbringing, interests are all quite disparate but they all have character and each has made a very positive contribution to society.
Consider this list -
Edwina Currie~ Alfie Lewis
Lord Derby~ Gerry Marsden
Ken Dodd~ John Parrott
Harold Francis~ Councillor Harry Rimmer
John Hardman~ Peter Robinson
Carla Lane Archbishop~ Derek Warlock