Knitting and Crochet Books

Calder, Louisa & Konior, Mary: Louisa Calder's Creative Crochet (10119)

Allen Lane 1st 1979
8vo, glazed pictorial boards F+ 370 gms
(Order reference 10119).

The craft of crochet is an old one, but the variations on it make it evergreen. Originally the simplest version of knitting, practised in different ways in different parts of the world, crochet has been given a new dimension by the freshness and flair of Louisa Calder’s designs.

Combining imaginative colours with simple stitches, Louisa Calder’s original and vivid patterns, for anything from buttons and belts to hats and wall hangings, show crochet as a tremendously vital and creative art. What is more, it is an art accessible to anyone.

This book opens up new vistas for both experienced crochet workers and complete beginners. With the detailed design instructions and the section on basic techniques, it is also an everyday handbook ~ but one that will fill an ordinary skill with life and colour.