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Miller, Alistair: Inside Outside - the story of a prison govenor (2514)

Queensgate Press 1st 1976
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(Order reference 2514).

Alastair Miller joined the Prison Service in 1945, as an officer at an Approved School. By 1953 he was Governor of Dover Prison, and then went on to become Governor of Winchester, Hindley, Parkhurst and Pentonville Prisons.

Inside Outside is a personal account of Alastair Miller's experiences within the Prison Service, and the problems facing a Governor at some of Britain's Top-Security prisons.
He describes for the first time, in detail, the tensions that brought about the dangerous riots at Parkhurst Prison in 1969

Mr Miller also describes the many radical and controversial changes he introduced into the Prison Service, and his views on how men should be treated whilst in prison.

This book gives the reader a rare insight into the day-to-day workings of prison life and what it is really like for the prisoners and staff behind prison walls.

Alastair Miller also tells about the time he spent as Director of the Old Charing Cross Hospital, run by the St. Mungo Community for Dossers in London: he describes a very different life, dealing with and caring for the unwanted men of London. The same compassion and concern for the well-being of others shine through this final chapter, as they do throughout this story of deep knowledge and understanding of the problems facing men under stress and disillusionment.

This autobiography is full of many very funny stories, and will provide fascinating and highly entertaining reading.