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Fitter, R S R; Heinzel, H & Parslow, J L F: The Birds of Britain and Europe - with North Africa and the Middle East (15288)

Collins 4th edition 1979
8vo paperback 334pp. Very, very slight tanning to covers o/w VG++ 435 gms. Over 1000 birds illustrated, all in colour. 825 distribution maps
(Order reference 15288)

This book is the first bird guide to describe and illustrate in colour every bird of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It extends east into Russia to the Ural Mountains, north to Iceland and Spitzbergen, south to the Sahara, west to the Canaries and Azores. The paintings illustrate in colour every species, every distinct sup-species, every notable distinction of plumage. No former guide has done this and all have been painted especially for this book. Opposite each painting is a concise description which stresses, in particular, the characters useful for identification, whether of colouring, pattern, size, voice, flight or habit. The regional maps are the clearest and most accurate yet published. Each of the 240 British breeds and regular visitors has a map showing its principal and lesser breeding and non-breeding areas in the British Isles. The maps show you what birds you are likely to see, and where.