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Frost, Patricia: Collecting Textiles (6234)

Millers 1st 2000
4to, v v min bmps to bds o/w VG++/VG++ 750 gms
(Order reference 6234).

If you have inherited an old sampler or a piece of embroidery. you will now how beautiful and fascinating such textiles are, but do you now how much your piece is worth, or when and where it was made? If you are thinking of starting a collection, the questions can seem puzzling. How can you tell the difference between 17th-century and 9th centurysilks? Why is one piece of lace more collectable than another? How should you choose a collecting niche that is both accessible and affordable?

Miller's Collecting Textiles gives you all the information you need to start your collection — whether you decide to base it on a particular period, a certain technique, or an area of textile production. With over 350 fully captioned photographs in full colour; and a straightforward and informative text, all the key collecting areas are covered: from English embroidery and lace to Oriental silks and velvets, from North American samplers and quilts to 20th-century printed cottons and scarves. With an emphasis on what is available and affordable, this is an invaluable guide to collecting textiles from all over the world.

Each collecting area is given detailed coverage — what to look foi. what to avoid, suggestions on how to specialize and so on. Items of all values are included, with a few rare examples to give context, and many more at accessible prices. A realistic price range is gven for every item, along with information on its condition.There is also a section explaining the different techniques, with all specialist terms defined, and a bibliography, together with information on how to display and care for your collection and where to buy.