Sewing Books

Butler, Anne: Machine Stitches (6805)

B T Batsford 1st 1976
4to F/VG++ 465 gms
(Order reference 6805).

An enormous variety of effects can be achieves by manipulating the tension or speed, using various types of fabrics and fitting different attachments to the modern domestic zigzag/straight stitch sewing machine. This is the first book to explain, with the help of some superb photography by Terry Waddington, how these effects can be achieved. The result is an important contribution to the use of the sewing machine.

The book includes sections on Straight Stitch, Zigzag Stitch, Straight Stitch and Zigzag Stitch, Unusual Fabrics and Threads, and Attachments. There is also a book list for further reading and names and addresses of suppliers of equipment and materials,

Anne Butler emphasises that the examples are only starting points, and that the embroiderer herself will discover many more effects which can be produced by experiment both with the machine and with the materials that are used.