Patchwork and Quilting Books

Donaldson, Christine: Patchwork Baby - original patchwork and quilted designs (10422)

Little, Brown & Co. 1st 1994
square format 4to F/F 745 gms
(Order reference 10422).

Christine Donaldson has created a glorious range of over 20 original designs for babies up to the age of 18 months. They consist of clothes and colourful nursery accessories. The book uses a great variety of techniques some relying on hand sewing - such as English, Dresden plate and cathedral window patchwork and others which can be made by machine - log cabin, seminole and American block patchwork. Some of the projects include quilting or applique.

Originally patchwork and quilting were produced by using scraps of fabrics salvaged from garments too worn out to be of further use. Some of the early American quilts, made by pioneer women in this manner, used plain red and white calicoes and even flour sacking. Yet the patterns produced are so intricate as to transform these humble materials into little works of art. Some form of patchwork and quilting was practised by most rural societies around the world and the preparation of a tiny quilt, made of the softest and most colourful scraps of fabric collected for a long time among a group of women, would herald the birth of a child ..
PATCHWORK BABY is therefore steeped in the tradition, although in our more affluent days we are more likely to explore the remnant counter rather than the family ragbag for inspiration.
A craft born of necessity and as a way to occupy long winter evenings now has to be fitted into the busy lives most women lead today. The projects included in this book have been carefully graded. Some are very simple and can be made in a short time, even by a novice, while others - the christening robe for instance - require a good deal of time and patience and a higher level of skill. But the impact of patchwork relies largeJy on the careful juxtaposition of light and dark and on the choice of colours so that even the simplest objects can be made into very special gifts.