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Birks, Tony: The New Potter's Companion - the complete guide to pottery making (12567)

Collins revised edition 1982
4to VG++/VG++ 755 gms
(Order reference 12567).

To read the New Potter's Companion is to bring pleasure and real encouragement to everyone interested in pottery making, at all levels and by whatever technique.
For those who believe that a complex craft cannot be learned from a book Tony Birks has a real contribution to make, for he understands the problems of technique and design which are common to all fields of ceramics, and he prepares the beginner for pitfalls as well as providing the solutions which make this book into a reference work for the experienced potter.

In this new and enlarged edition of a book originally designed as a companion guide for evening class students, new glazes described without mystique or complexity for the enterprising student.
' ... packed with lots of helpful information, the book leads the amateur potter carefully through every stage of the procedure ... Very clear photographs and diagrams show how the making is done.'