Liverpool & The North

Slemen, Tom: Haunted Liverpool 6 (14106)

Bluecoat Press 2002
8vo paperback 127pp F 220 gms
(Order reference 14106).

This is the fifteenth book to be written by Tom Slemen and the tenth in the Haunted Liverpool series and it bears all the hallmarks of the master storyteller's work: alongside a classic mix of murder, mystery and suspense you will find local tales of the supernatural, unexplained mysteries and the downright weird and grotesque. From the shocking cases of the demonic ship's captain who slaughtered most of his crew and the headless nun who reduces a grown man to jelly, to the crazed parrot whose mimicry exposes an adulteress and the girl in the red dress who is a harbinger of doom, these stories, like all his others, will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.