Liverpool & The North

Hignett, Kathy & Nolan, John: Liver Trivia - the second Liverpool Quiz Book (7367)

The Gallery Press 1st 1987
8vo paperback 60pp, very very minor wear to edges of cvrs, covers very very slight grubby o/w VG++ 120 gms
(Order reference 7367).

From the foreword by Billy Butler:

In these days of the trivia craze, when the utmost pleasure is realised from knowing more of those irritating titbits than the next man, how can yet another trivia book create excitement? ~ (answer) ~ When it's a trivia book about our own hometown ~ Liverpool.

You now have in your hand the ultimate argument settler, the bible of Scouse facts. No more will you be thwarted by the bar~room bore who knows everything. With this volume you have the ammunition to fight back with a priceless compendium of catalogued curios about our hometown. What is Ian Botham's connection with Merseyside? What does the series ‘Brideshead Revisited’ have Liverpool to thank for? Where was Peter Adamson really born? Yet the A~Z of Scouseology isn't just a massive list of facts. It's put together with the humour and the asides Scousers are noted for and the authors have obviously enjoyed every moment of their research into the depths of Scouse trivia, and that shines through.

So be ready for an outbreak of Scouse trivia in pubs, clubs, and restaurants. Expect to be asked such riveting posers as which Liverpool~born assassin was apprehended by Bamber Gascoigne? What does Smithdown Road Hospital have to do with a world~famous sex change? Where was ArthurAskey born? Who played in goal for the Back Entry Diddlers?All this and more is revealed within. Cherish this volume, it could be the first of many volumes destined to keep Scouse knowledge seekers locked in the loo for an eternity!