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Starmore, Alice & Matheson, Anne: Knitting from the British Islands - 30 original designs from traditional patterns (12107)

BCA 1983
4to F/VG++ 550 gms
(Order reference 12107).

A book of new, exclusive knitting patterns for all the family, inspired by traditional designs from the British coastline.

From Arans with their ancient Celtic symbols to intricate Fair Isles to fishermen's gansys, hand knitting has flourished in Britain for hundreds of years, and is a favourite of modern fashion.

Alice Starmore and Anne Matheson are sisters who grew up in the Outer Hebrides and have strong family links with the Scottish knitting heritage. For this book they have designed an exciting range of beautiful
clothes - sweaters, dresses, jackets and much more. Taking traditional designs as their starting point they then interpret them in imaginative and inspiring new ways.

There is a rich variety of patterns to make based on all the major styles of British knitting including gansys, Fair Isle, Aran and Shetland Lace. Each one is illustrated in colour or black and white and has complete instructions and charts. Alice Starmore's text explains how the different knitting traditions developed - and the patterns themselves are excellent proof of how they continue to thrive.