Knitting and Crochet Books

Messent, Jan: Knit a Fantasy Story (10714)

Search Press 1st 1989
large 4to F/F 640 gms
(Order reference 10714).

Knit a Fantasy Story will delight all those who love magic and makebelieve. There is no need for expensive tools.
With oddments of yarn and materials, an active imagination and some patience, you can create your own three dimensional enchanted world of witches and wizards, fairies and goblins, bold knights on horseback, dragons, trolls, unicorns and a charming collection of farm animals.

Together with full colour photographs of the models and simple charts and diagrams, this book gives clear, comprehensive instructions on how to knit a village and farm, an enchanted castle, a forest of talking trees and all the inhabitants.

Although most of the knitting is on a small scale, the instructions are not complex. The actual shapes used for the body coverings and clothes are mostly based on rectangles or triangles, with little shaping. Even the castle is made from straight pieces of knitting and would be an excellent project for a group of people to make together. The tallest of the figures is approximately 5in (14cm) tall. The base of the village and farm is the size of a small rug and the castle rises 16in (41cm) to the tops of the pointed roofs.

There are hours of fun to be had creating the fantasy land and a wealth of enjoyment for the young and old alike.