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Thelwell, Norman: Thelwell's Compleat Tangler (8779)

Methuen 1st 1967
8vo, v sl sunning to spine o/w F/F 370 gms
(Order reference 8779).

Why do more men go fishing every weekend in Britain than go to football matches or attend any other sport?

What do they really get up to when they abandon a warm bed before the crack of dawn, stuff a haversack with tins of assorted maggots, half a hundredweight of pulped bread and a folding campstool and disappear into the drizzle? It is estimated that well over one and a half million wives wish they knew the answer.

When Thelwell fell victim to this strange phenomenon he made a startling discoveryanglers -  don't know either. It was clearly time that some sort of enquiry was conducted into the strange rituals of the cult and its secrets exposed to the public gaze.

After years of crawling through wet grass, 'conducting lonely vigils in distant torrents and extracting needle-sharp hooks from inaccessible parts of his clothing, Thelwell has at last presented his report.

Compleat Tangler takes the lid off the world of Anglers and Angling. It deals with coarse fishing, game fishing and sea fishing and is designed to show the layman what he's missing, the angling widow what she's up against and the angler why he's so content to spend all his leisure hours with a wellington full of water.