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Just, Roger: Women in Athenian Law and Life (11864)

Routledge rep 1994
8vo pb 317pp, v v min indents to cvrs + v v min wr to edges of cvrs o/w VG++ 445 gms
(Order reference 11864).

This book provides a comprehensive account of the Athenians' conception of women during the classical period. Though nothing remains that represents the authentic voice of women themselves, there is a wealth of evidence showing how men sought to define women. By working through a range of material, from the provisions of Athenian law to the representations of tragedy and comedy, the author builds up, in the manner of an anthropological ethnography, a coherent and integrated picture of the Athenians' notion of 'woman'.

'Just draws a clear and vivid picture of the "social complexities" which" constitute the stuff of life" in classical Athens ... excellent, thoroughly readable .. .'
Helen King, The Times Literary Supplement

' ... admirably lucid ... Just's grasp of his classical sources is as firm as his knowledge of the anthropological frameworks .. .'
Stephen Todd, The Times Higher Education Supplement