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Grigson, Jane F'word by Claudia Rosen: Food with the Famous (6837)

Grub Street 1st 1991
4to F/F 775 gms
(Order reference 6837).

Food with the Famous is a book to read and savour. Full of delights, it is the perfect bedside companion and a unique recipe book - part cookery, part social history.

The book is based on a series of articles written by Jane Grigson for the Observer Colour Magazine, which she herself described as "the series I have most enjoyed writing in eleven years at the Observer. The excuse to re-read favourite novels, look again at favourite painters, visit places associated with them, spend hours in collections of letters and in journals.., gave me a chance of relating cookery to life beyond the kitchen. Which is what in the end, I think cookery should do."

In this fascinating work she takes eleven famous women and men and explores their culinary lives, giving the reader a chance to cook and share some of the meals they themselves enjoyed. She starts her exploration with the great diarist, gardener and traveller John Evelyn and continues chronologically, showing the development of cookery, to Parson Woodforde, Jane Austen and Sydney Smith to Thomas Jefferson, Lord and Lady Shaftesbury, Alexander Dumas, Zola, Proust and Monet.

Jane Grigson's untimely death in 1990 was a great loss; her writing was always full of life and her recipes, so clear and concise always stimulated the imagination. This is a classic work for those who may be coming to her writing for the first time as well as for those who may wish to rediscover her wonderful scholarship and wit.