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Levin, Martin: Hollywood and the Great Fan Magazines (12068)

Ian Allan 1st 1970
4to VG++/VG++ 1110 gms
(Order reference 12068).

For the long-in-tooth and young-in-heart, here is a lovingly created, authentic replication of the wondrous fan literature of 1930's moviedom. It comes to you, pure and unadulterated, in the format of a single giant fan magazine complete with characteristic opening spreads and livened by succulent scoops, inside stories and lore. Here is a sampler of the ambrosia within:

The First True Story of Garbo's Childhood
The Inside Story of Joan's Divorce
Motherhood-What It Means to Helen Twelvetrees!
What About Clark Gable Now?
I'm No Gigolo! Says George Raft
Studio Sweethearts
Jean Harlow-From Extra to Star
Shirley Temple's Letter To Santa
Marlene Dietrich Answers Her Critics
What's Wrong With Hollywood Love?
What's the Matter with Lombard?
Charlie Chaplin's Kids
The Most Revealing Interview Janet Gaynor Ever Gave

These and much more from 1930's editions of Photoplay, Motion Picture, Silver Screen, Screenland and Screen Book make Hollywood and the Great Fan Magazines a unique momento of the wonderfully ebullient communication that once existed between the stars and their fans. Whether new or old to the pleasures of movie fandom, the editor invites you "to turn on your Tiffany lamp" and savor this most happy time when the movies were a world of truly pure make-believe.