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Andreyev, L Drawings by Brian Robb: Judas Iscariot and other stories (10762)

John Westhouse 1st 1947
8vo, v min bmps to bds, chps, crsing, wr, trs + small areas mssg o/w VG+/VG 310 gms
(Order reference 10762).

The enormous impression that Andreyev's Judas Iscariot made when it first appeared was due not only to the immense power of the narrative, but the author's daring & essentially modern treatment of the Judas theme itself. Judas, as Andreyev saw him, was not simply the greatest villain in history, but a hightly complicated, self-divided and tragic individual who lovedd and admired Christ more than any other of the disciples, and yet betrayed Him in a last desperate challenge to his own scepticism concerning His Master's divinity. The present volume includes 2 further stories on provocative themes. The Phantoms is a worthy descendant of Tchehov's famous Ward No 6, whilst The Christians is full of bitter irony & moral defiance. The outstanding translations are by Dr Walter Morison.