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Stanley, Helen: Modelling and Flat Cutting for Fashion - from Design to Pattern (7917)

Hutchinson third corrected impression 1977
4to paperback 180pp VG++ 405 gms
(Order reference 7917).

Helen Stanley lectures in fashion and clothing at The London College of Fashion. Before this appointment, she taught fashion subjects for many years at Hornsey College of Art, Ealing School of Art and, earlier on, at Shoreditch College for the Garment Trades.

She has had wide experience in the fashion industry—as a designer, as a pattern cutter and as head fitter and dressmaker in couture houses. She has also formed and run a company of her own and has undertaken freelance commissions of great variety, including children's wear, and historic and theatrical costumes.

Mrs. Stanley has devoted the last fourteen years to teaching, which she finds most enjoyable and rewarding. She continues to remain informed of new developments directly —either by contact with firms in the fashion industry or through The Clothing Institute of which she is an enthusiastic member.

Helen Stanley has produced here in book form a basic course in modelling and flat pattern cutting. She has presented a variety and range of methods—all of which she and her students have used successfully and with excellent results—and has emphasised a practical, three-dimensional approach to the subject of pattern designing throughout the work.

For easy reference, the programme of work is arranged in the form of self-contained lessons with text and diagrams closely associated on individual pages—this will be invaluable to teachers. A special feature are the diagrams—more than 750—which seek to explain visually, better than words can ever do, the progress of the practical work.

Metric measurements, with imperial values in brackets, are used throughout the book. The comprehensive index will be found most useful. The book is particularly intended for those students in art classes and technical colleges who are training to become dress designers or pattern cutters; for those who are preparing for the Dip. A.D. in Fashion or for a variety of City and Guilds examinations in Dress.