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King, Patricia: Dolls' House Bathrooms - lots of little loos (12578)

Guild of Master Craftsmen rep 2000
8vo pb 94pp F 210 gms
(Order reference 12578).

Discover how to create marvellous little loos quickly and cheaply.
Twenty-one highly original interpretations of plumbing are illustrated -from period masterpieces to fantasy creations — all made from readily available household odds and ends. Eye-catching results are achieved simply,with no need for expensive tools, special skills or detailed procedures.

Patricia King's lively writing will stimulate imagination and creativity. An at-a-glance guide lists useful materials and where to find them, though all the projects can be adapted to suit what you have to hand.

Inventive suggestions for creating bathroom fixtures and fittings are offered, transforming buckles, jewellery findings and more into loo roll holders, washbasins, buckets and mops.

High suite, low suite and outdoor loos are all included, covering a range of styles, sizes and shapes, from the simple, uncluttered lines of The Thoroughly Modern Mini to the elaborate decoration of The Magnificent Dolphin. There is even a hollowed-out gourd used to house a fairy's toilet.

Period pieces • Modern designs • Fantasy creations• Public and private facilities