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Hulbert, Anne: Victorian Crafts Revived (4244)

B T Batsford rep 1980
4to VG++/VG++ 545 gms
(Order reference 4244).

Shellwork, Silhouettes, Pressed Flowers, Beadwork, Paperwork, Featherwork, Decorating with Paint: these are some of the crafts which are particularly associated with the Victorian home. But, as Anne Hulbert shows in this book, they can be crafts of today no less than of yesterday. The raw materials cost little sometimes nothing at all. The necessary equipment is cheap, and the techniques are quickly learnt.

The products of Victorian craftwork are now often to be seen in museums and private collections. In the antique shops they can be formidably dear to buy. After studying this
book the reader will find that he or she can make his or her own Victorian antiques, at the same time genuine and modern, and can derive a great deal of creative pleasure whilst doing so.