Company History Books

Keighly, Mark: A Fabric Huge - The Story of Listers (6962)

James & James 1989
4to pb 96pp F 400 gms
(Order reference 6962).

This book tells with wit and erudition the history of a great mill and textile manufacturer. The story has many strands: Victorian enterprise on a grand scale, the experience of a major industry over many stormy years, changes of fashion, the evolution of design and production of fabrics in many forms and uses, the dramas of war and peace, and last but not least the people of Bradford. Lord Briggs points out in his distinguished foreword that this is not only a substantial piece of Victorian industrial history; the twentieth century part of the story is equally remarkable. The book concludes with an account of a radical development for Manningham Mills giving the buildings an important new cultural and business function for many years to come.