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Box, Richard: Drawing for the Terrified (10631)

David & Charles 1st 1997
4to M/F 760 gms
(Order reference 10631).

A lifetime of experience teaching students to draw has taught Richard Box that the chief obstacle for many is the fear of their own lack of drawing ability. For over ten years his popular course Drawing For The Terrified has taught people from a wide range of backgrounds and abilities to overcome this fear and to draw with complete confidence. This book introduces Richard Box's remarkable teaching methods to a wider audience for the first time. The basic elements of drawing are all covered: materials, equipment, learning to see the subject accurately, drawing in monochrome, tonal values, the theory of colour and shading with coloured pencils - but what makes this book exceptional is the author's unique ability to teach.

Richard Box believes that everyone has it in them to draw, although in adults this ability often lies concealed. Through a series of carefully designed, progressive exercises he systematically uncovers this innate talent, building the reader's confidence all the time. To begin with, he shows how to 'see' a subject 'perceptually' rather than 'conceptually' and then demonstrates how what is seen is successfully transferred to paper. Next he covers the use of shading to achieve different tonal values within a composition. Then, with the aid of a viewfinder and his 'perceptual' method of seeing, the author shows how to construct realistic likenesses of a wide range of subjects, building each composition stage by stage so that the progress is clearly visible.

Enjoyment and understanding are the key elements to Richard's approach to teaching and from the start he projects a relaxed, positive frame of mind. Highly accessible and carefully illustrated, this book will open up a whole new world of creativity to all those who have longed to draw but never before dared to put pencil to paper.