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McGowan, John & DuBern, Roger (consultant eds): The Book of Home Restoration - traditional skills and techniques to restore and improve your home (5515)

Ebury Press 1st 1985
4to, min indents to bds + d/w o/w VG++/VG++ 1030 gms
(Order reference 5515).

The Book of Home Restoration is a practical DIY book - but with an important difference. Instead of describing yet more short cuts, more time-saving gadgets and more short-term solutions to problems, this book shows you step-by-step how to do jobs around the house and garden properly, as they used to be done - in time-honoured fashion and with materials that will ensure high quality, long-lasting results.

All the techniques described are those needed to maintain older houses, gardens and possessions. Mending leaded-light, stained-glass windows; veneering; re-upholstery; marbling and rag-rolling; repairing wooden furniture; hanging satin wallpapers; repairing thatched roofs; making tromps I'oeiI panels; dry stone walling; hedging; topiary; all this and much more is described and explained, using the methods and skills of our grandparents, passed down through the centuries and now known to fewer and fewer tradesmen. Specialist tools are carefully illustrated and described, and original recipes are provided so that you can make your own polishes, stains, glues, putties and plaster.

The Book of Home Restoration is not just for those who hanker after the higher standard of workmanship in the past - its practical, down-to-earth approach provides all the knowledge and expertise you need to achieve those standards yourself. Concentrating on tasks and jobs around the home and garden that remain relevant to the modern householder. The Book of Home Restoration will enable you to use the old skills before they are forgotten, and to enjoy a genuine sense of pride and craftsmanship in your work.