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Arlott, John (selected and introduced by): The Coloured Counties - poems of place in England and Wales (2273)

J M Dent 1st 1988
v v min crsing to d/w o/w F/VG++ 1090 gms
(Order reference 2273).

The aim of The Coloured Counties is to present a picture of England and Wales in the particular town, village, landscape - seen through the eyes of over 200 writers of English verse. John Arlott was co-editor of Landmarks in 1943, one of the very first popular collections of English topographical verse, and it is that book which reappears in this new guise, but with many revisions and additions. Today's audience therefore has another delightful chance to travel all over England and Wales in splendid poetic company.

From odd out-of-the-way spots to grimy, beloved towns, the reader can visit landmarks throughout the length and breadth of the country - encompassing the rich and varied, urban and rural, rustic and sophisticated places which make up our many 'coloured counties'. Some of the poets represented here are famous, some less well known, some are dead and now themselves part of the landscape, and others are very much alive. Some are cultured, some simple, some rhapsodizing and some humorous - but all are inspired by the places, names, legends and landscapes which they have loved so well.

Chaucer, Byron, Clare, Hardy, Wordsworth, Housman, Hopkins, Thomas, Betjeman, Abse, Stevie Smith and many others are to be found within these pages, reflecting the changes in, and the changing attitudes to, our landscape. Everyone will find something here which will strike a special personal note. Above all, John Arlott's collection is a finely balanced and highly entertaining voyage into our land and heritage.