Company History Books

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It can be difficult to find books that offer unabridged versions of the backstories of your favourite brands and companies. Whether you’re a business student or somebody with a keen interest in starting your own venture, taking advice from the greats of years gone by – or those of companies still in operation today - will have you in great stead with your own endeavours. Our selection of company history books spans a huge range of people and places, ensuring that the interests of every customer are catered to – from Dorman Smith to The Rathbone Brothers – there’s something for every history enthusiast to get stuck into. Contact us today here at Cover to Cover, where our team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have regarding your purchase of company history books from our shop. With years of experience in the industry and a keen interest in the genre, we are also happy to offer out our own recommendations if you’re looking for something new to get stuck into, that you mightn’t usually opt for. Is there a title you’re looking for that can’t currently be spotted on the Cover to Cover site? Our stock of company history books is ever-changing, so be sure to check back soon – or drop us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll strive to unite you with the desired title.