Architecture & Interior Design Books

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Architecture and interior design are fields of study stretching back to the start of human civilisation. If you are a keen art historian it can be difficult to find the right information to expand your research or knowledge of your subject. Here at Cover to Cover - as specialist dealers in books on textiles, fashion and art - we look to provide a range of insightful books on architecture and interior design. We stock a huge choice of books on architecture and interior design spanning many topics. These vary from general discussion of architecture and design, such as their critical history, to more specific subtopics within these two fields. We hope that our range of books will meet our clients’ particular requirements and help them gain valuable information on their chosen subject. Our selection of books on architecture cover both ancient and modern architecture. These include histories of medieval buildings and English terraced houses, as well as those of particular buildings such as Norwich Cathedral or the Egyptian pyramids. We can also offer many books on the history of interior design such as the social history of the toilet. Whatever your specialist interest, we aim to provide the right book for you to develop your knowledge or use as a handy reference point. If there are any books on architecture and interior design you would like to find but can’t find in our collection please don’t hesitate to visit us at our Southport shop or get in touch via our contact page. We will do our best to find a suitable book for you if we don’t have the one you want in stock.