Antiques & Collectables

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Collecting antiques is an admirable hobby requiring much passion, dedication and hard research. If you are a keen antiquarian you will always be looking to find out more information about your area of expertise. That’s why here at Cover to Cover, as specialist dealers in books on textiles, fashion and art, we stock a huge choice of informative books on antiques and collectibles. We stock a wide variety of books on antiques and collectible items spanning many topics across crafts, fashion and art. These books, many of which were originally published in the 1970s and 1980s, will offer our customers valuable information on their chosen subject. Some of the topics the books we stock cover include thimbles, model soldiers, knives, tiles, bottles, clocks, imperial china, and porcelain figures. Whatever your specialist interest, we aim to provide the right book for you so you can continue your research and expand upon your collection. If there are any books on antiques and collectibles that you are looking for but can’t find here, please don’t hesitate to pop into our Southport store, or get in touch via our contact page. We’d be delighted to help you find the right book if we don’t have it in stock.