Crime Books

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If you find learning about the most cunning criminal masterminds to walk the earth, our selection of crime books here at Cover to Cover are sure to delight. With memoirs from the world’s most wanted, to historical texts relating to the crime levels in certain cities in different eras; we have plenty for you to run the magnifying glass over! It isn’t very often that you have the ability to get inside the mind of thieves, murderers and generally nasty characters, making our collection an exciting opportunity to delve into unchartered waters for an afternoon – all without having to spend a night in the cells. All presented in great condition, we source only high-quality titles within our offering – seeking out rare and interesting books for your perusal – which is what makes us such a unique shop. If there’s a title of crime book that you’ve got your eye on but currently can’t spot on the Cover to Cover website, be sure to drop us an email or pick up the phone. Our team are always on hand to try and unite you with the book you require. Contact us here at Cover to Cover today with any queries regarding your purchase of crime books from our selection that you may have. With years of experience in the industry and a keen interest in all the genres that we sell here, we’ll be able to offer you recommendations and advice – especially handy when you’re buying a book as a gift.